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Product description

What are ADAMS profiles made of?
Profile fasadowe ADAMS wykonywane są ze styropianu o podwyższonej gęstości, zbrojone siatką z włókna szklanego, pokryte zaprawą klejową odporną na zewnętrzne czynniki atmosferyczne.
What is the length of your mouldings?

The standard length of the mouldings is 1.2 m or 2 m.

Does the coating used sufficiently protect the item from the elements?

Yes. The coating used fully protects the element from the harmful effects of atmospheric agents and mechanical damage.

Can your mouldings be used on an insulated building?

Due to its low weight, ADAMS facade stuccowork can be installed on facades insulated with polystyrene or mineral wool, as well as on traditional plaster.

Do you reproduce architectural elements that already exist on facades?

Yes. We reproduce all designs to the client’s needs. For this purpose, either provide a template of the moulding already existing on the facade or send a cross-section of the moulding with exact dimensions. This is particularly useful in the renovation of old townhouses, where identical designs need to be made.

What is the warranty on your products?

The warranty on our products is 2 years. The actual lifespan, on the other hand, is much longer and extends over several decades.

How do your mouldings differ from those of your competitors?
  • W pełni zautomatyzowana produkcja powoduje, iż nasze profile posiadają jednakową powierzchnię na całej długości listwy (bez porowatej powierzchni spotykanej u konkurencji).
  • Wytwarzamy listwy o długości 1,2m lub 2m (długość konkurencyjnych listew to 1m), co sprawia, iż łączenia profili ograniczone są do minimum. Skraca to czas montażu, a tym samym redukuje koszty montażu.


Where can your products be purchased?

Facade stuccowork can be purchased at our company headquarters in Spytkowo 54A. We also have an extensive sales network nationwide. To purchase, call us at 87 428 9983 and ask for the nearest point of sale in your area. You can also order goods from our online store.

How can I order your products?
  • Orders are accepted by email: biuro@adams.net.pl
  • You can also place orders via our online store.
  • As soon as your order is placed, we will issue a pro forma invoice for payment into our account. Once your payment has been credited to our account, we will issue you with a VAT invoice.
  • The mouldings are sent on pallets by courier service.
  • You are obliged to inspect the goods in the presence of the courier when you collect the parcel. In the event of damage, the courier must be informed, who will draw up a damage report, which is then the basis for a claim.
Can I order a product sample?

Yes. Individual facade moulding designs can be ordered. Please specify the moulding symbols you are interested in when ordering. The shipping cost is PLN 35 gross.

How long will I have to wait to receive my parcel?

The mouldings in stock can be dispatched after the order has been placed and the payment has been credited to the account. Other products are dispatched within 14 days.

What is the minimum order?

There is no minimum order. We ship any quantity of mouldings.

How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping depends on the type of goods ordered.

Each order is priced individually.

Is the shipment insured?

Yes. Every shipment is insured. Facade stuccowork is shipped on pallets to reduce the risk of damage during transport. If damage is found, a damage report must be drawn up with the courier on receipt of the parcel, which is the basis for a claim.


At what stage of building construction are your profiles installed?

It is recommended that ADAMS external stuccowork be installed after insulation and mesh filling (for insulated buildings), and before the application of structural plaster or facade paint.
Installation on an already finished facade is slightly more labour-intensive, but also not complicated.

Is the installation difficult?

No. Experience has shown that after reading our installation instructions, even a layman is able to glue our elements perfectly. Until installation, the profiles should be stored indoors, on a dry, level surface and out of direct sunlight. Installation should be carried out at a temperature of 5-30°C.
We invite you to take a look at the installation instructions presented on our website.


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